Famous Migrainers


  • Freddie Ljungerb (Footballer)
  • Ian Wright (Footballer)
  • Ryan Giggs (Footballer)
  • Ronaldo (Footballer)
  • Michael Dawson (Footballer)
  • Serena Williams (Tennis player) -spokesperson for the “RALLY for Menstrual Migraine” campaign.
  • Dwyane Wade (NBA) – wears tinted glasses on court
  • Freddie Ljungberg (Swedish Soccer) – been carried off the field during an attack
  • Percy Harvin (NBA) – cured via diet changes and physical therapy

Actors, models, actresses and TV presenters

  • Sammy Winward (Emmerdale)
  • Whoopi Goldberg (Ghost, Sister Act)
  • Marcia Cross (Desperate Housewives) – spokesperson for migraine treatment, Imitrex
  • Lisa Kudrow (Friends) – used lidocaine as a migraine treatment,
  • Jessica Fox (Hollyoaks)
  • Hugh Jackman (X Men)
  • Ben Affleck (Armageddon)
  • Susan Olsen (Brady Bunch fame)
  • Elizabeth Taylor (Actress)
  • James Cromwell (Actor – Farmer in Babe)
  • Lee Grant
  • Dani Harmer (Actress – Tracy Beaker)
  • Ulrika Jonsson (TV presenter)
  • Philip Schofield (TV presenter)
  • Elle Macpherson (Model)
  • Holly Willoughby (TV presenter)
  • Hugh Jackman (Actor – Wolverine)
  • Viginia Madsen (Actress – Sideways) – Cured by Botox
  • Kristin (Actress – Glinda in the Good Witch)

Singers and music

  • Elvis Presley
  • Gareth Gates
  • Susanne Shaw (actress / singer)
  • Victoria Beckham (singer / designer)
  • Carly Simon(Singer) – managed them via diet
  • Loretta Lynn (country singer)
  • Janet Jackson – Has Vestibular migraine and has cancelled shows due to an attack

Figures from history

  • Napoleon Bonaparte (military and political leader of France)
  • Vincent Van Gogh (painter) – (some think his painting technique was his aura – look at Starry Night)
  • Claude Monet (painter)
  • Julius Caesar ( Roman military and political leader)
  • Thomas Jefferson (past president of the USA)
  • Lewis Carroll (author of Alice in Wonderland) – some say Alice in Wonderland was inpired via a migraine aura
  • Charles Darwin (English naturalist and author of ‘On the origin of the species’) – chronic migraineur
  • Albert Einstein (physicist)
  • Princess Margaret (sister of Queen Elizabeth II)
  • Thomas Jefferson (President, and architect of the Declaration of Independence)
  • George Seurat (After which is named the Seurat effect, medical term used to describe the visual phenomena of scintillating aura aka scotoma)
  • Jennifer Ringley (the Jennicam girl who put her life on the internet 24-7 and inspired the hit movies The Truman Show & Ed TV)
  • Annie Glenn (wife of astronaut & Senator John Glenn)
  • Michael John Coleman (artist)
  • Virginia Woolfe (Author)
  • Cervantes (author of the classic, ‘Don Quixote’)
  • Sigmund Freud (psychoanalyst)
  • Friedrich Nietzsche (German philosopher and poet)

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