About Us

About Migraine Talk

Migraine Talk is firstly and foremost a forum for those with chronic migraine – it is a safe place to chat to others, who will totally understand, a place to share experiences, again knowledge, have a rant and get a hug……….. you are not alone…

The blog front page is there to highlight the most read general information pages from the forum, and to provide details of ‘What is new in the world of Migraine’ details of which are all grouped in the ‘category’ of the same name.

It also includes blog posts of the personal experiences of the founder under the ‘category’ – Bubble Bee and Rainbow Days’


About the author Tracey Wilson (Tee) 

I am a chronic migraine sufferer…

It looks like I was born with migraine…….. I have 3 types, Classical, Acephalgic and Hemiplegic –  although I showed signs as a child I was first diagnosed when I had my first classical migraine in 1983.  This followed with my first Hemplegic migraine in 1989…. I went chronic in 2006 after a very bad birth experience – going chronic moved the goal posts….

The journey of chronic migraine can be a long hard one. There is a massive difference between those whom have one migraine per month to those who are chronic (15+ per month) – it takes your life away – there is no cure – and no one really knows how it is caused.

Everyone’s journey and management plan is different. So here on the blog pages I aim to note down the experiences I have had along the way on my own personal journey…(My Bubble Bee and Rainbow Days’ posts).. and to highlight what is going on in the world of research and treatments (What’s New in the world of migraine posts) with a view to provide others with information to spark thought, prompt research and make informed decisions…

…and if you have questions or need help or would like to touch base with other chronic migrainers – please use the forum – you’re not alone…..





My full personal story has been covered in a number of places (see media)


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