What’s new in the world of migraine?

Migraines are more than a headache, says Bishopbriggs suffererKirkintilloch Herald

MIGRAINES are a painful reality for one in seven people – and this week medical experts are urging people to educate themselves about the debilitating 

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Stress named the most common trigger for migrainesFemaleFirst.co.uk

Certain foods like cheese and chocolate, excess caffeine intake or withdrawal and drinks containing Alcohol are also common tirggers for migraines too.

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Migraine may be more common among those with low incomeWWSB ABC 7

Studies show that migraine is more common among people with lower incomes, but doesmigraine affect income or does income affect migraine? Researchers 

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Migraines can change your brain – studyIndependent Online

Migraine sufferers without aura had a 34 percent higher risk of brain lesions Washington –Migraines may cause permanent changes in brain structure, though 

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Back to School headacheWaterford Today

Back to school time can also mean migraine time for the one in ten children in Ireland who suffer from this complex neurological condition. “Any sort of change in 

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Best treatment of your headache varies with the causeThe News-Press

Migraine headaches may sometimes be a debilitating neurological condition. More people report being affected by migraine than diabetes and asthma 

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Migraine left woman with a Chinese accentExpress.co.uk

Sarah Colwill went to bed speaking with her native West Country lilt. But after suffering a migraineattack she woke up sounding like someone from the Far East.

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Aegis Technologies Providing Rapid Development of Super GenericsMarketWatch (press release)

At present, rapid relief of migraine headaches is achievable only through injection of drugs called triptans, the most widely used being sumatriptan. The current 

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New Migraine Drug Shows Promise Ahead Of Clinical TrialsRTT News

A new migraine drug developed by researchers from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies has shown promise in studies by blocking the light receptors in the 

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