UK Migraine Awareness Week… 1st – 7th September

392687_177781398976664_100002344145948_378200_336187961_nThis years annual Migraine Awareness week runs from 1st until the 7th of September.

Awareness is important and everyone can help with this by educating those around us… you can do this in many ways…

The UK Migraine Charities produce posters and flyers you could display in your workplace, GP surgery, school and local community.

You could join them at a local events.

Make a donation.

Become a media volunteer.

Share your blogs.

The Migraine Trust  this year are focussing on dispelling the myth that migraine is just a headache and Migraine Action this year aims to draw attention to and raise awareness of migraine and encourage those affected to get the support they may need. It also aims to encourage others to increase their understanding and support of the disease.

To get involved fully have a look at their websites..

And if you have a blog and would like to share links – please add them here and I will repost and link to as many as I can during the week x


One thought on “UK Migraine Awareness Week… 1st – 7th September

  1. Without a doubt, migraine is one of the most common serious conditions I see patients who have silently suffered for many years with and just take it as something they have to live with. Proper diagnosis and treatment can make huge quality of life differences. Nice post. Thanks.

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