My Botox story features in Essentials Magazine this month

essential front pageessential pg 1essential pg 2The simply story of how botox has helped turn my life around appears in the September addition of Essentials magazine.  In time for Migraine Awareness Week 1st – 7th September.

The story can be read in more detail here

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3 thoughts on “My Botox story features in Essentials Magazine this month

  1. Great story Tee!  Congratulations on the improvement in life due to the botox.  I am truely happy for you.

    Love and hugs,

    Diane Bullock

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  2. I started having migraines when I was 16. At first they where only triggered by heat, by 20 I was more or less disabled. If I wasn’t having a migraine I was having what I called a “mid level” headache or I would have a “low level” headache that could easily last two weeks. Medication options for me where really slim, I was (still am) on an anti-depressant which doesn’t have pain relieveing properties, I also don’t tolerate anti-epileptic medications (I literally get every single common side effect listed), and I have bad IBS which makes Codine bad for me. My neurologist said that botox is the only option left to try. I was not too keen on the idea of having a neurotoxin injected into my face but after much reading I agreed to give it a go. I’ve had four lots with each dose being 12 weeks apart. I was literally in tears after surviving my first very hot summer since 2009 WITHOUT even one migraine. I still get headaches and am still light and heat sensative but I haven’t had a migrain since my first treatment. I’m comfortable to say botox cured my migraines. I would encourage anyone who is able to have botox try it because it can make a world of difference.

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