Is migraine a disease?

Interesting, well written article, which provokes some questions………. I agree with the vast majority of it…….. but do think that migraine patient advocates are needed and the fast majority do not pass on the ‘migraine disease’ – as stated at the beginning of the article a migrainer cannot be ‘cured’ by a doctor – therefore is left to their own devices for the most part to find a migraine management plan which helps them and if it was not for the experience of others whom have walked this path for many years; then many would be lost in the wood for trees… sadly there is no cure – yet – be it a disorder, ailment, illness, sickness, malady…. or disease………….. its MIGRAINE and it is real and it hurts….

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Is migraine a disease?

Migraine-Disease-1aMany prominent figures in the world of migraine insist that “migraine is a disease”. One book author actually claims to know how to live well with migraine disease.  Even the Director of the Headache Clinic at Stanford—a neurologist and migraine patient himself—speaks of migraine as a genetic disease. This raises the question:

What is it, that makes migraine a disease?

The educated solution to such a question is to get advice from a reputable Englishdictionary. The usual suspects—Collins, Merriam-Webster, Oxford dictionary—explain that disease is “any departure from health“—just like ailment, illness, sickness or malady. So, why then do these aforementioned migraine advocates not say that “migraine is a malady”? The alliteration makes it sound so much nicer, doesn’t it?

StruggleWe know that migraine patients—on average, in general, as a group, blablabla—struggle with

  • the shame of not being believed
  • the hurt of not being recognized as truly suffering
  • the fear of being seen as a malingerer
  • the guilt of seemingly exaggerating a mere headache.

All these feelings are perfectly understandable in a world that is madly accelerating, increasingly superficial, often impersonal and annoying; a world, in which critical remarks, cool attitudes and dismissive responses are fashionable; a disappointing world for those who are longing for understanding, kindness and compassion, isn’t it?


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3 thoughts on “Is migraine a disease?

  1. I have no doubt that migraine is as genetic as the Autism that I have along with my other family members. I seem to have the major outbreak however, whilst the others get migraine that is debilitating and lasting, mine takes me to a much more painful place. Deep inside and behind the right eye, and radiating outwards towards the sinus cavity, and then if it spreads towards the cranial centre, I am in big trouble, because it will last, and I will vomit, every 45 minutes, almost set your clock to it.

    My other family members don’t appear to suffer as bad as I do, but one thing that has now become apparent, a friend called me after one serious attack and asked if I had recovered, yet I hadn’t contacted anyone. She told me that she had noticed that every time I had a serious migraine, a major earthquake, over 6 mag followed. I laughed it off at first but she persisted, and now…….sure enough, I get a nasty sudden onset migraine, usually overnight and a major earthquake follows.

    I take Topomax to try and prevent the attacks which generally works, without the preventative, I would get migraine nearly every day. However the generic form Topirimate doesn’t work, whatever they do when making the ‘Topomax’ is what help migraine, and this has been noticed by others who take this medication.

    I don’t look forward to my next attack 😦

    1. Hi there

      I am sorry to read you get them so bad – you are not alone – you may wish to have a look on the forum (a link is at the top of the page) There is also a few other who have found the earthquake trigger – interesting trigger that one – how we can feel changes in pressure coming. Also a hard one to avoid – unless you move house. xx

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