Dr Shevel wins Classification of migraine

Its nice to hear this – as the last time I spoke to him he was off to the conference to try to change the classification – and he won 🙂

Dr Shevel and Migraine Classification

What I really like is that he talks about ‘where the pain comes from’ – ie either muscle, nerve or artery……….. I still believe that one day they will stop classing us all in the same boat – this I believe is why we all respond differently with treatments……… think about it – if your pain comes from muscle why would a artery treatment help you?????
For those of you who have not heard of Dr Shevel – there is a very long thread on him and his work – including a couple of papers he sent us with pressure points – they are worth trying……….



3 thoughts on “Dr Shevel wins Classification of migraine

  1. Dr Shevel unfortunately offers a very simple idea of a cure , but many doctors agree it has very little basis in medical fact. I had surgery performed by Dr Shevel and was left with damaged nerves and more pain. I found the promises of a cure and the scant after care and dismissive emails of great concern. I am worried about other people going through what I have been through with The Headache Clinic…be very cautious

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