What’s New – Migraine costs billions in lost of productivity

Migraines are a complex, confusing pain for sufferers
Among the 100 million people in the United States who suffer from headaches, 37 million also experiencemigraines, according to Migraine.com. Treatment options are as varied as the symptoms. Available options include prescription and over-the-counter 

Migraine headaches cost employers billions in lost productivity
LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Thirty-six-million Americans get migraines. Most are women. Many don’t seek treatment due to misdiagnosis or lack of awareness. Researchers say people don’t have to suffer because there are ways to get the symptoms under control. 

4 thoughts on “What’s New – Migraine costs billions in lost of productivity

  1. Dr. Andrew Charles said that the scans show migraine to be “quite a spectacular neurological event”. It is such a relief to know that they can “see” a migraine. I’d like to get a picture of one of mine.

    1. Just wish you could see it on the outside more so……….. but yes a visual aura is like an electrical or chemical wave that moves across the visual cortex of your brain. It is possible to see this via a MRI. I will try and find one – it would be nice to share 🙂 x

      1. Thanks! Is it only visual auras they can get on a scan? Or can they get images of other types of aura or other phases of migraine?

      2. Hi

        Its all auara that can be seen – ie when the part of the body is going through the auara it can be seen – so if your eyes go this can be seen, if its speech that be seen – At the moment it is the only stage of a migraine that can be picked up by a scan.

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