What’s new – Pacemaker – New Gene Link – Have a tablet break –

Chronic Migraine Sufferers Get Significant Relief with “Migraine Pacemaker”

Houston Chronicle
Advanced Migraine Relief and Treatment Center, LLC will host two free seminars on June 5 and June 21, 2012 during Migraine Awareness Month to inform chronic migraine sufferers about an effective new treatment only available in Houston, TX and a select 
Female gene link may hold key to beat migraine
Newstrack India
Washington, June 5 (ANI): The key to curing unbearable migraine headaches may lie with the people of Norfolk Island, scientists say. Led by Professor Lyn Griffiths from the University’s Griffith Health Institute, the team has identified a new region on 
Stop taking the tablets: Why it can be healthy to have a holiday from your 
Daily Mail
Migraine: Methysergide is commonly used to prevent migraine and cluster headaches. It is a highly effective drug but can cause life-threatening fibrosis, a thickening of connective tissue around the heart, lungs and abdomen. As a result, patients must 



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