What’s new – Migraine Quiz – Why Migraine is not a headache

True or False Quiz: What Do You Know About Migraines?

By Vonnie Kennedy HERWriter June 6, 2012 – 2:38pm June is Migraine Awareness month and although 36 million people in the United States suffer with migraine headaches, researchers have still found no cure. How much do you know about migraine headaches?

5 Reasons a Migraine isn’t “Just a Headache”
Those of us with migraines know they are more than “just a headache” – but we often find ourselves explaining the differences to others. This infographic points out the most obvious differences between migraines and other headache types 

3 thoughts on “What’s new – Migraine Quiz – Why Migraine is not a headache

  1. Most of the time, some of us think only migraine as an ordinary headache. Migraine is not the same as our ordinary headache where a simple paracetamol could ease the pain, migraine is another story, it is like an invisible illness where we do not how to deal with it and how we get it. I see some people who drinks coffee when migraine attacks, I guess caffeine could help in easing migraine pain.

    1. Well said x………. Caffeine is an individual thing – its helps some, hinders others….. research has shown that if you take pain relief with a caffeine drink it gets into the system faster – so many migraine suffers do drink coffee. It also has effects in the blood. On a personal note I find it helps – but its a balance 2 -3 cups a day helps…. 5+ hinders………. its all about finding your own management plan and trigger x

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