Migraine Awareness Month #8: “Let there be light.”

Who wants to be Superman???

The bloggers challenge for today is:

“Let there be light.” Most Migraineurs have issues with light sensitivity. What do you do to cope with it?

 Most people at some time in their lives have wished to have a super power – once you have migraine and experience the intenseness of these ‘super powers’ you soon change your mind….

When you experience a Migraine ALL your senses can become acute…..

Sight – The glare of normal daylight actual hurts the eyes then there is the glare of the TV and the PC screen..and those damn energy saving lights – yes they all hurt……….. To help cope with this I have a very dark pair of sun glasses and often wear these  – even in the house  – even in winter…. blackout blinds in the bedroom are a must and I have the PC and TV brightness turned down low. As for energy saving light bulbs – none in this house 🙂

Hearing – when you have a migraine you cannot tell the difference of distance with sound – its a hard one to explain – but image your in a resturant – you a ‘non migrainer’ would be able to concentrate on what your fellow diner is saying and block the background noise –  migrainers on the other hand can hear it all……….. oh yes we do feel for Superman…… the man not at the next table but five tables over – the coffee machine in the cornor – the waitress steps down the hall – the bang of the door – the clatter of plates – the child playing out side – we hear it all at the same sound level…………. its drives you nuts………….and there is nothing you can do about this one apart from retreat to a quite place.

Smell – not only do we have the joys of smelling things that are not there – burning is a common hallucinationl – but we can also smells everything around us – the shampoo on the lady in front – the soap on the man behind – the dog outside – the dinner of everyones plate – the grass from outside – the toilets down the coridoor – the fumes from the carpark……… over powering scent…. which turns your stomach and brings on the sickness… again retreating is the only help

Taste – give a migrainer something to eat while having an attack (if they are not nauseous that is)  then they will be able to tell you everything which has gone into the mouthful… every herb and spice…. I like most migrainers will eat plain things following an attack.

Touch – some migraines nerves go in to free fall and the sense of feeling becomes acute as well – I have experienced this a couple of times on my face and its no laughing matter – a feather touch feels like you have been hit by a hammer

So would a Migrainer like to be Superman???…………….. maybe not…….. apart from maybe the flying…. we could then at least fly away from it all…….. that is if the vertigo has not set in…


National Migraine Awareness Month is initiated by the National Headache Foundation. The Blogger’s Challenge is initiated by www.FightingHeadacheDisorders.com.


4 thoughts on “Migraine Awareness Month #8: “Let there be light.”

  1. tints on all windows, cant attend party if there are any cameras, tvs, refrigerator led , car headlights. need to just live in a cave

  2. I wear prescription sunglasses for light sensitivity which can give me an instant migraine as normal sunglasses meant I could not see properly. Hearing: I hate it when someone talks to me and it sounds like they are miles away, or a high pitched noise really grates on my every fibre like those annoying motorbikes, or being in a room with lots of noise and all the sounds just get mixed in to a loud scrabble. Smell: I smell things that aren’t there or smell things that others can;t and it turns my stomach to smell certain things and I wretch or am physically sick.. Taste: My tastebuds go haywire and I live on weetabix for days when I am like this as everything is cardboard. Touch: Sometimes it hurts to touch I cant even comb my hair my legs hurt and getting dressed just the material against my leg is like scraping knives down them.
    Speech: I know what I meant to say but it doesn’t come out right and people just look at you and then tell you what you said, the words may be similar or they may be complete twaddle and then just to make matters worse you carry on doing it. As a tutor I even write the muddled words on the flipchart or miss letters out or complete words or sometimes duplicate them
    Face: My eye droops and sometimes so does my mouth and it gets noticed. I feel like a freak but what can I do. My boss says my eye is pointing south and another says stop winking at him – a joke to make me feel better about it I know but I don’t feel better!!! It usually means I need to go home – so I do

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