Migraine Awareness Month #4: “June Is Bustin’ Out All Over!”

Migraine in the sun is possible – if you plan ahead and listen to your body…………

1) Pacing yourself is the key…when ever I have any event to go to I plan ahead – its a pain – but its a must – I do not do anything the day before but rest and do not plan to do anything the day after…….

2) Plan breaks – if one of your triggers is over stimuli make sure you plan breaks in the day – slots where you can sit down and rest  – in a quite place away from the bussle of the event

3) Never go alone – Attending an event of any kind at any time of year will put a chronic migrainer in front of a number of triggers – having someone with you who understands will take some of the stress out of the event and provide you with the support you will need should a mig come calling

4) Back up plan – have a ‘get me out of here’ plan – Discuss this with your companion before you go – who understands that when you say ‘get me out of here’ – you mean it

5) Pills – pack your pills – whatever you normally take – pain relief, anti nausea, triptans……

6) Sun glasses – a no brainer for a migrainer – an essential item to wear – even in doors

7) Big hat – a big floppy brimmed hat will help with sun glare – glasses are a must – but even they can let the glare in at the side and top – so a hat with a big floppy brim that provides shade for your face will help

8) Water– You sweat more in warm weather so drink more water than normal and take some as a back up.

9) Snacks – Keeping your blood sugar at a nice even level will help you get through the day – eat little and often and avoid sugary items

10) Listen to your body – if you feel yourself start to wobble – do not be polite – move away from the situation, drink a pint of water, take the pill and try to relax (if you meditate go do it)…try to bring the levels down and if you cannot do not feel guilty about useing that ‘get me out of here’ plan.


National Migraine Awareness Month is initiated by the National Headache Foundation. The Blogger’s Challenge is initiated by www.FightingHeadacheDisorders.com.

All Over!” What’s the best tip you can offer others for having some summer fun despite Migraines?


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