Migraine Awareness Month #3: Just shoot me now!

hmmm the world of triggers……….

I suffer from many triggers and am fully aware that trigger management if key to migraine management………..

And if you think triggers are just chocolate, cheese and red wine – think again – Types of triggers

One of my biggest triggers and a serious bug bear of mine is ‘fragrance’………… the toxic unregulated fragrant chemicals we are exposed to every day…..

Fragrances found in synthetic perfumes, shampoos, cleaning products, air fresheners….these can all trigger migraine – and cause nausea, dizziness, and even slurred speech.

Did you know many leading perfumes contain actual poisons that endanger your health, chemicals proven to cause central nervous system disorders, damage to reproductive organs, and even cancer…..

Have a look at your perfume bottle – do you see the list of ingredients – like you do on food?? …………… Your right,  its not there – ever wondered why?

There is actually a loophole used by many perfume companies like Calvin Klein and Christian Dior for ‘trade secrets’. They simple list the content as  – ”fragrances”- an undisclosed cocktail of ingredients   Some even contain chemicals that the EPA recognises as carcinogens, allergens, and narcotics- some of which the FDA in the USA banned years ago, yet these companies are still allowed to use the ‘trade secret’ loophole……… grrrrrr

There is 1500 chemicals available for use in these products –  can you image the cocktail they can create………. and you breath these in and place them on your skin……..

I realised a few years ago that I was having problems with smells, cleaning was a trigger, washing was a trigger, meeting people was a trigger – even when we bought a new sofa and I could not sit on in for more than 20mins before I went to scale 8+….

I have since removed ALL chemicals from my home and it has made a massive difference – I now use all natural products  – like Method or Green People. I avoid going into the big department stores and have made my family and friends aware that they should not wear scent when they come to see me…I am fully aware that when I do come in to contact with them it can cause serious problems as it did a few months back when my cat decided to have a wee in the house..and I escaped to a house with fresh paint and air freshener and ended up hitting the floor)……. I have even been known to walk away from people who in my opinion ‘stink!’

Further reading:

On the forum – http://migrainetalk.forumotion.co.uk/t362-questionable-chemicals-we-put-on-our-bodies-via-cleaning-products-cosmetics-and-personal-care-products?highlight=chemicals




Fab post from Migrvent – even lists the perfumes to avoid http://www.migravent.com/blog/migraine-triggers-2/34-migraine-inducing-stomach-turning-toxic-chemicals-in-perfume/

Chemical list – http://pw1.netcom.com/~bcb56/ChemList.htm



National Migraine Awareness Month is initiated by the National Headache Foundation. The Blogger’s Challenge is initiated by www.FightingHeadacheDisorders.com.

Today’s Challenge – Just shoot me now! What’s your worst Migraine trigger? Can you avoid it? How do you handle it?  


One thought on “Migraine Awareness Month #3: Just shoot me now!

  1. I’m right with you here. Formaldehyde is a huge trigger for me, and is EVERYWHERE. Stores are the worst. Pure essence oils don’t bother me too much, especially when diluted – like rose water in a spray bottle. Perfume bottles walking around public places dressed as people – – ugh.

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