Migraine Awareness Month #1: Your First for the First.

The bridge to my migraine journey….

From what I know now – I have had migraine since I was born…..  and whilst I know I have lost memories from a very big Hemiplegic Migraine 6 years ago my very first classical migraine is still a very clear memory – it was simply walking across a school bridge  – little did I know that this was to be the start of my long migraine journey….

I was a scrawny, athletic 13 year old at school in Kent….. I was walking over the river Stour via a bridge within in the school grounds with my then best friend Marina… as I took slow steps over the bridge my eye sight started to change…. little patchwork shapes started to merge…the numbness in my right hand and arm was now pronounced and I was not feeling quite right – as I stepped off the bridge and turned to my right my whole eye sight went  – stopping me in my tracks – I was now seeing the world like a ‘bubblebee’ before me was a world made up of patchwork shapes… If I concentrated really hard I could see out of one of these small little shapes as the others swirled and twisted like a Kaleidoscope …. I reached for Marina arm and tried to explain that I could not see – ‘I was going blind!’…. then to my horror the words I had in my head would not come out my mouth..’I had lost words too’…panic soon was over taken by a strange floating sensation and I was unaware of what was going on….. somehow Marina managed to get me to the class where my form teacher tried to no avail to contact my mum…… in the end I was taken home and left in the care of Marina – still unable to explain clearly what was happening… I collapsed into bed………only to be greeted by the head pain from hell………. it was like a horse was kicking me in the head from the inside out – I learnt very quickly that if you stay very very very still you could gain some relief  –  but any small movement and POW another blow came hard and sharp……

Then followed my first visit to a doctor…….. ‘oh its a migarine…… its your age….. you will grow out of it………. take an Aspirin!……….

I was brought up that you listen to doctors and that they are always right…illness was something you did on your own …(I even recall one time throwing up and going in to see my mum for help – only to be told to go be sick and tell her when I had finished!!)…. I have come a long way since those days and no I never grew out of it  – in fact it got a lot lot worse and took my life away……… but I have also learnt a lot since those early days… and will always rub my kids back when they are sick… x


National Migraine Awareness Month is initiated by the National Headache Foundation. The Blogger’s Challenge is initiated by www.FightingHeadacheDisorders.com.


3 thoughts on “Migraine Awareness Month #1: Your First for the First.

  1. Hi. It’s surprising how the tiniest of things help when you need to be sick. Not being blessed with arms long enough to reach your back is a definite disadvantage !

  2. My mom rubbed my head. I rub my daughter’s head when she is sick (no migraines yet…knock on wood). I’m 38 and wish she could be here everyday to rub my head.

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