Neurology patients betrayed…

The Public Accounts Committee has responded back to The Migraine Trust to inform them that the Committee based its inquiries on the findings of the National Audit Office reports and, as a result the Committee’s hearing and report reflected the focus on more complex neurological conditions. The National Audit Office study focused on neurological conditions resulting from disease and therefore excluded data for migraine as migraine was felt to be significantly different from these more complex neurological conditions in terms of the health and social care requirements.
I am very disappointed to read this – the reply shows a clear lack of understanding on the existent to which migraine can effect sufferers – its often called a complex neurological condition……. the sad part is that even the so called experts still do not get that the difference to someone who has a migraine attack once a month for 24hrs and those of us whom are chronic and have 15+ per month is vast…. and with the new reserach showing this is more likely to be a neurological and not vascular disease then we should have been represented in this report……… the number one neurological disease for the UK and missing from this report does not give a great credence to those involved……
You can read the original  notes and reply here  –

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