What’s new – 24th May


Yorkshire Post
Migraines seemed to be my heritage, my mother had suffered until she reached her 60s and my older sister was similarly afflicted,” explains Helen. “So, when the idea was first mooted that the cure lay not in pills or even the host of alternatives I 
Don’t ignore migraine, says doctor at Muscat
Times of Oman
Muscat: Migraine is one of the most common problems faced by people all across the world but it is often over-looked as a minor health issue. Dr. CJ Fernandez of Novartis explains some of the frequently misunderstood facts about migraine and migraines ..
Forehead Lift May Provide Relief for Those Who Suffer From Migraines
Healthcare Global (press release)
EDISON, NJ–(Marketwire – May 23, 2012) – The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal recently published an article that reports that brow and facelift surgeries like forehead lift have the potential to treat migraines.
Stop That Splitting Headache
MSN Health & Fitness
It means I’m about to get a migraine. It’s my cue to be careful— — to steer clear of red wine and sugar, two sure triggers when I’m in that sensitive state, and to get enough rest since lack of sleep can tip me over the edge, too.
Coming up Thursday
Coming up Thursday on Good Things Utah… do you suffer from migraine headaches? Have you wondered if Botox injections or even surgery may relieve your pain? We’ll be talking about the patients who may be helped by those procedures.
Edinburgh Clinic adds new clinic to alleviating joint, muscle, nerve pain, and 
PR Web (press release)
“The clinic focuses on alleviating all types of pain from joint pain, emotional pain, migraine pain to plantar fasciitis.” Mrs Allan explained that the Edinburgh Pain Clinic is a new venture that was specifically designed to provide full care for 
Boy, 6, honored for calling 911
New Bern Sun Journal
She was later released from the hospital and advised to go to her doctor for treatment of migraineheadaches and chest pains. Brian’s mother said she taught her children to call 911 and give their address in cases of emergency.
The Sphenoid, Acupuncture and Healing
Dynamic Chiropractic
The pituitary gland, being the master gland of the body, directly affects all of the endocrine system; any dysfunction involving sense of taste, smell, speech or hearing, tremors, tics, choreic movements, tinnitus, deafness, depression, migraine

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