I will write soon……….

I finally started the blog (after a little pushing) and have a number of articles in draft format and loads more in my head……… but the limitations of migraine have struck again..

Last Saturday was my twins birthday party and I pushed and pushed and what started out as a wobble ended but as a full scale 9 HM 😦

Still in that fragile run over state on Tuesday I decided that I was OK to cook… turns out I was not OK and my left hand gave way and the boiling water (from the pasta pan) went all over my fingers…. even in my migraine haze I remembered to get them under running water, while my son ran to get my husband……..great joy A&E again… must say they were brilliant and rushed me in straight away.., where I sat for a few hours with my hand in cold water….they finally dressed it (OOUCH) and gave my some stronger codine – which I had to eat like sweets on Tue & Wed – Doc is not going to be happy…

They have a new thing now where they cut the blisters off – ouch double ouch… so fingers are red and raw and typing is not easy………

Not sure if your like me but I have noticed that I take so much pain day in day out in a few places – but when I get a new pain in a different place it throws me over the edge….

Anyway….  give me a few weeks and I will write again

Tee xx

PS On the plus side the codine’s effect on head was bliss 🙂


One thought on “I will write soon……….

  1. Hi Tee,

    So sorry to hear that you had such a massive HM and then burnt your hand! I can’t even imagine what the pain must have been like. Hope your hand begins to heal soon. Take care. Alice xxx

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