Botox – round 3


Well its been five days since the Botox injections and things have finally begun to settle down, the shoulders and neck feel fine and the forehead is getting there – it still feels a little ‘odd’ – in that I go to make a facial expression and cannot move my forehead LOL can not do raised eyes look at the kids any more hmmmmmmmm Been practicing the scowl instead 🙂

But I am pleased to report that pain wise things are a little better already and I have not had a lot of aura today 🙂 – but its early days yet – I was told 3 – 14 days to kick in. So a little longer yet to give it a good review. They have told me that 50% of the people get a result on round one and another 25% on round 2 – that 75% of people getting a result – that’s damn good odds in my eyes 🙂 So even if it was painful, I guess it is worth it.

I also managed the cinema yesterday and came out OK – which is a first, normally come out and have to lay down.

So…….. so far…… so good 🙂


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