Botox round 2


Sep 2011

Well, I have had my second round of Botox and have to say this time was not as dramatic as the last lol

The injections in the side of my head and shoulders where fine. The neck a bit more painful and sadly the ones in my forehead where ouch ouch ouch (Ok I did say it a bit stronger than that as they went it lol) all the staff where amazing, but he explained that I find the forehead ones more painful as that is where my main pain centre is – he thinks its not the actual injections but that when the needle goes in it kicks of the nerves and the pain.

I came home and slept sound for 14 hours and have woke a little sore but no pain It feels tight, but not the cardboard under skin feeling I had last time.

They are getting a mixed response, some have had no effect at all and some get great results – I was told that one man had gone from 30 days of pain per month to 3

They really are working hard to get this approved for everyone and I have all my fingers crossed they will succeed – we should know the outcome early next year.

I am down for the next lot in December / January – but I may have to go private for this round. But from the results I am getting it a small price to pay


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