Nice day to start blogging :)

Well talk about timing – Today we moved the front page of Migraine Talk from a static webpage to a blog – where I hope to post what is new in the world of Migraine in a more prominent place…. and what a day to start;  as NICE have finally given the go ahead for Botox to be used in the NHS for chronic migrainers in England and Wales*

This is great news ……. I was lucky enough to be on the Botox trails and it is the only thing, so far, which has brought my migraine frequency down….. to the point where I paid private to have it done a few weeks ago – but now so many more people will get the chance to try this….. like every drug / treatment we all try, it will not work for everyone, BUT if your chronic and have tried others preventatives with no success,  this is worth a shot (pardon the pun)  The nice thing about Botox is that is does not go into the blood stream so the side effects are minimal…….

Here are some of the press coverage from today breaking news ……


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